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  • Established in December, 2013 under 「the Game Industry Promotion Act」 as a public organization for fostering the sound game culture and developing the game industry in Korea.
  • GRAC has been independently administered for the classification of game contents which are manufactured and distributed in Korea. Also, the GRAC reviews illegally distributed game websites, arcade game machines and gambling games to protect the public from negative influences such as illegal gambling, excessive violence and nudity.


It is transparency, fairness, service, and trust that the public and industry expect from GRAC. - the key values of GRAC. By accomplishing these objectives, GRAC does its utmost to prevent illegal activities by strengthening the observation of ratings. Such efforts will lead to a dynamic game environment and nurture of the game industry as an engine for the future economic growth of Korea.

1. Establishment Basis and Purposes

Establishment Bsais

  • •Article 16 of 'The Game Industry Promotion Act'

Establishment PurPoses

  • •To enseure the ethics and the public of game, to prevent provocation or encouragement of a violence, to protect youth,
        and to prevent the distribution of illegal game

2. History

  • •Apr. 28, 2006 : Enactment of 'The Game Industry Promotion Act'
  • •Oct. 30, 2005 : Launch of Game Ration Board (GRB)
  • •Apr. 05, 2011 : Revision of 'The Game Industry Promotion Act'
  • •Nov. 19, 2011 : Launch of the Independent Rating Classification System for open market Games that are available
                                  to youth through an agreement between GRAC and open market operators.
  • •May. 22, 2013 : Revision of 'The Game Industry Promotion Act'
  • •Dec. 23, 2013 : Abolition of the GRB and launch of the GRAC
  • •May. 23, 2014 : Launch of the Game Content Rating Board (GCRB) as a private ration classifi-cation agency
  • •Jun. 09, 2014 : Delegation of the CRAC's rating classification task of PC, online, video and console games that are
                                  available to youth to the GCRB

3. Major Duties

  • •Decision on rating classification of game (arcade games, adult games)
  • •Ascertainment on harmfulness to youth and speculative nature of game
  • •Post management of classified game including the production and distribution of classified game and confimation and
        inspection about provision for normal use of game
  • •Investigation and research to secure objectivity of rating classification of game
  • •Operation of an illegal game reportion and reward system to eradicate illegal game
  • •Corrective action recommendations about illegal game, advertising or PR materials provided through the information
        and communications network

4. Organizational Status

Committee and Board of Directors (BOD)

  • *Committee members become BOD members automatically.
  • •Number of committee members:9 <1 chairperson (standing), 8 members (non-standing) >
  • •Term of office: 3 years
  • •Member commissioning: Commissioned by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism upon rec-ommendation by the
       heads of organizations Presidential Decree (chairperson elected among the members)

  • (Qualifications for members) People who engage in the fields of cultural art, cultural indus-try, youth, law, education, press, and information and communications or in non-profit and Non-Governmental Organizations Act, and have expertise and experience in the game industry, or with children, or youth (Article 16 (4) of 'The Game Industry Promotion Act')


  • •Auditor: 1 person (standing)
  • •Audit team: Implementation of regular auditing independent of Secretariat


  • •Secretary general: 1 person (standing)
  • •Secretariat affiliated teams: 8 teams

Organizational Chart (1 bureau, 9 teams)

Organizational Chart