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  • Established in December, 2013 under 「the Game Industry Promotion Act」 as a public organization for fostering the sound game culture and developing the game industry in Korea.
  • GRAC has been independently administered for the classification of game contents which are manufactured and distributed in Korea. Also, the GRAC reviews illegally distributed game websites, arcade game machines and gambling games to protect the public from negative influences such as illegal gambling, excessive violence and nudity.


It is transparency, fairness, service, and trust that the public and industry expect from GRAC. - the key values of GRAC. By accomplishing these objectives, GRAC does its utmost to prevent illegal activities by strengthening the observation of ratings. Such efforts will lead to a dynamic game environment and nurture of the game industry as an engine for the future economic growth of Korea.

Quick Facts

  • - Established: December 23, 2013
  • - Number of Ratings: 23,817 ratings (except rejections)(Oct. 30, 2006 ~ Dec. 31, 2014)
  • - Role : Assigns PC package, PC online, Mobile, Arcade, Video-Console and other categories
    (Downloaded, Embedded, Flash, Open - market) game content ratings
  • - Enforces responsible on/off line privacy
  • - Supervises rating observation, contents modification and illegal alteration of game material for protecting users