What are the "Games" ?

Under "the Game Industry Promotion Act", the definition of Game material includes programs, video clips, machinery and devices which are used for leisure, learning and exercise.

Are all games required to have a rating?

Every game material (PC packages, PC online, Mobile, Arcade, Video-Console, Downloaded, Embedded games, etc.) has to be presented and rated for each platform by GRAC, IRCB and GCRB (If the game is made for Computer and Console, it is required to rate for each platform.) Under "the Game Industry Promotion Act", anyone who intends to produce or distribute games for the purposing of selling or providing them for public use shall obtain a rating of their content by the Board(GRAC or GCRB, IRCB) prior to their production and distribution.  

* game materials for exhibitions or tournaments recommended by an administrative authority
* game materials commissioned by a Presidential degree for educational, religious, or public interests purposes.


Enforcement rating
Usable Age Platform All 12+ 15+ Adult Only
Mobile Games 1. IRCB(Independent Rating Classification Business Entity)***
     such as Google(Play Store), Apple(App Store), OneStore
2. GCRB** (Option)
PC·Online Games
Console Games
Arcade Games GRAC*

GRAC* : Game Rating and Administration Committee("Committee")
GCRB** : Game Content Rating Board ("Agency")
IRCB***(Independent Rating Classification Business Entity): The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Republic of Korea may designate a business entity allowed to conduct independent rating classification for a prescribed period not exceeding three years among the business entities fulfilling the requirements referred to 'GAME INDUSTRY PROMOTION ACT' after examining

■GRAC URL: http://www.grac.or.kr/english/Default.aspx
   GRAC contact number: +82-51-720-6881

■GCRB URL: https://www.gcrb.or.kr/
   GCRB contact number: +82-51-746-0027

How can I apply for the rating game?

You can apply for the rating online to GRAC(18+) or GCRB(18-) with some preparatory documents. If you do not have the certain qualification because of non-locals(especially for Certificate of Producer in Korea), local distributor is required as publisher or proxy. However, Business Entity that intends to distribute through the IARC Store can apply for classifications.

  ♣LINK: Application for Game Rating(https://www.grac.or.kr/english/GradeAccept/OpenMarket/OM_GradeDoc.aspx")
  ♣Contact email(IARC RC Rating Support): rc.globalratings@grac.or.kr
  ♣Contact email(IT Support): it.globalratings@grac.or.kr

Is it possible to apply for the rating directly? (for non-locals)

Gradually, it will allowed to apply for the rating for non-local company. Currently Business Entity that intends to distribute through the IARC Store can apply for classifications in GRAC

What do I have to prepare to apply for the rating game?

- Specification of the game (platform, genre, manual, etc)
- Contents Summary
- Game Representative Video (especially for violent, sexuality, crime, language, gambling, fear, and drugs)
- Game Files
- Certificate of Deposit (fees for the rating) *option
- Certificate of Business Entity
- Certificate Verification (to use online system or Email)
- Contact information

What is the process to get the rating?

All the games distributed in Korea must get the rating by GRAC, IRBC or GCRB by the law.(Games in Open Market Contents under 18, it is allowed to rate by each IRBC Store(i.e. Google, Apple, Samsung, etc) Designated by GRAC. Or, if you want to get the rating by GRAC, it can be possible.)   ♣LINK: Application for Game Rating

See the flowchart about rating process in Republic of Korea below.
Enforcement Process

How much the fees for rating?

Enforcement rating
Default Network Genre Language
(include Download games over 300MB)
₩ 360,000 Network : x1.5

Non Network : x1.0
Group1 : x4.0
Group2 : x2.0
Group3 : x1.0
Korean :

Non Korean :
Console ₩ 320,000
Portable Portable
₩ 200,000
(Non Open
₩ 60,000
(Mobile Open Market, IPTV,
Flash, Download games)
10MB ₩ 30,000
10~100MB ₩ 40,000
100~300MB ₩ 80,000
Arcade ₩ 450,000 Betting : x3.0
Non Betting : x1.0

※ Cost Formula: Defalt amount(Platform) x Network coefficient x Genre coefficient x language coefficient
※ Fees for Reclassification: x0.75
※ Fees for Test version: x0.3
※ Fees for Technical Deliberative: +\1,000,000
※ For small business(under 50 employees and 5 billion yearly sale), partial remission(30%) applicable
    (except for gambling games and adult only arcade games)
※ Games in ETC, individuals can apply for the rating game by Individual Certificate Verification
※ Group of Genre
      - Group1: RPG, Gambling(Poker, etc)
      - Group2: FPS, Casual Action(Matchup, Rhythm, Fight, etc), Adventure, Simulation
      - Group3: Board(Puzzle, Quiz, Go, etc), Flight Shooting, Sports(Racing, etc), For Education

*Remark: Under certain agreements, some applicants may be exempt from fees

How can I find and use the ratings to determine if a game is appropriate for my family?

The Age Ratings and Content Descriptors were developed to serve as a guide to help consumers make informed decisions about which games might be appropriate for their children and family. Clearly displayed on the front of every arcade game machine, computer and video game package, on the upper right side of online game screens, the starting screen of mobile games sold in Korea, you will find an Age Rating Symbol and Content Descriptors that suggest age appropriateness for the game. Please check Age ratings and content descriptors before enjoying your game.